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About Ryan Bufton

An Entertainment criticism and opinion blog

Ryan Bufton is a member of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin community. He is a mental healthcare professional with a master’s degree in social work and trauma informed care who has also worked in a self-directed resources program. Ryan has spent much of the past few years working in and around the field of psychology.

He believes that taking care of your mental health is of the utmost importance in today’s day and age. There are countless struggles that we each face in our daily lives. Managing these struggles is often difficult, and shouldn’t be something that we go through alone. He has spent much of his adult life pursuing education in how to properly assist others in their mental health struggles – and he has created a career thanks to this compassion.

Ryan Bufton’s first foray into higher education began in 2010, with the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. There he earned a bachelor of arts degree. He majored in Psychology and Sociology and received high accolades in both fields. His time here is marked with the Academy of Letters and Sciences Distinguished Achievement award.

In 2013 he entered a Master’s program with the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. There, Ryan earned a Master’s degree in Social Work & Trauma-Informed Care, with graduate certification. He has always felt that mental health should be a priority for all people, particularly during trying times and crises. 

From 2015 to his graduation from the program, Ryan Bufton took on an internship with a local mental health hospital. He developed a wealth of experience in the field. He led group therapy sessions, provided individual diagnoses, completed intake assessments, and triaged with providers to determine the level of care necessary. Perhaps his most notable achievement was greeting a group focused on Pain Management and implementing it in the program. This group has helped many patients find better, healthier options for handling their pain and discomfort.

After graduation from his master’s program, Ryan Bufton found a number of roles open to him throughout the area. He had multiple roles throughout the state, including roles as a case manager, and mental health technician. His roles largely centered him in the Milwaukee area, where he has developed a home for himself.

Ryan has been responsible for the full breadth of care for many mental health patients. He conducted diagnostic assessments and provided supervised  mental health assistance to clients with diagnosable DSM-5 disorders. Because of the nature of this employment, he also received training in mental health emergency response.

Mental health management is a daily struggle for millions of people, and Ryan Bufton has been proud to assist in any way he can. But providing this assistance can be stressful. Ryan has found solace in entertainment as a way to separate from the day’s difficulties and relax. This website is intended to serve as a blog for his thoughts, passions, and interests in the world of entertainment.

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