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Did you know that at least 96% of American workers report stress experienced from the workplace? During this pandemic, stress levels are rising due to the changes demanded by the new conditions people are living in. Taking long and short breaks during work is beneficial to the body during these challenging times. The following are the advantages of taking break intervals:

Improving Focus

Some people find it enjoyable, going to the workplace every day. This flow of energy does not stretch forever, and sometimes one may experience burnout. It causes individuals to lose focus by switching from the productivity zone. Brains face a lot of challenges when focusing on one daily activity for long periods. The body and mind require a small interruption in concentration like a vacation to help stay on track. The deactivation and reactivation of individual goals increase one’s focus.

Evaluating Goals

Putting constant effort into a project or business can make it difficult to focus and quickly lose sight of the purpose. Taking a break allows one to look at things from a broader perspective to ensure the focus towards the goal is still there. It also enables individuals to reevaluate their goals and the strategies set to achieve them. During a break, one can find loopholes in their ways of running a business.

Retain Information

The brain generally works in two modes:

  • Focused Mode: This mode applies when someone is busy working or studying. There is a focus on a task set to accomplish.
  • Diffuse Mode: This is because people are off work spending time with their families or friends. In this mode, the mind can drift away and daydream when relaxing.

One can find more solutions to problems when in a diffused state. It allows the brain to wander off to its many regions that may have new thoughts or ideas. When working on complex projects, a break can put the mind in a diffuse mode where creative solutions are generated.


Taking a break from work should not be seen as a weakness. It is a sign that an individual is focused and knows what they are trying to achieve. It should be prioritized in the workplace to try and maximize workers’ productivity.